The Greater Houston Chapter of CSTA partners with educators and administrators across the area to educate, empower, and inspire K-12 teachers and advocates to realize the vision of computer science (CS) for all.
Michael Oseguera is a teacher at South Houston High School in Pasadena Independent School District (PISD). In his 17 years at SHHS, Michael has taught Honors Computer Science I (Python), AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A, and Advanced Computer Science to provide a four-year pathway for students interested in exploring the beauty of computation.  Next year, he is moving to Clear Brook High School in Clear Creek ISD where he hopes to develop a similar pathway starting with Foundations of CS and AP Computer Science.  Prior to teaching computer science, Michael also taught Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Pre-calculus, AP Calculus AB/BC, and AP Statistics, all at South Houston High School.
We caught up with Michael to hear about his experiences as a teacher working in CS, his perspective on education, and the importance of teaching CS in schools.
CSTA Greater Houston Teacher Spotlight Series: Michael Oseguera
CSTA Greater Houston: What inspired you to work in STEM/CS education?
Michael Oseguera: “My biggest inspiration to work in CS is the continuing push to increase diverse representation from all members of society.  In 2019, I was told that our district wanted all schools to offer CS but they needed a teacher. Although getting certified that summer was challenging, I knew how important it is for all schools to offer these courses. Computer science exploration is not only a wonderful tool for the development of problem-solving skills, but it is also embedded in every aspect of our lives.”
CSTA Greater Houston: Do you have a student success story you'd like to share?
Michael Oseguera: “In Texas, we have a computer science academic competition called UIL. It consists of teams taking a written exam individually as well as creating algorithms with Java as a team. Three years ago, a dedicated group of students started our UIL CS team because they knew with the right amount of work, they could be just as successful as any other school. After daily practice, they were able to get first place for the team competition as well as the individual competition at the district level (  Although those students already graduated, their recruitment/mentoring efforts laid the foundation for many years to come.”
CSTA Greater Houston: What advice would you give a teacher new to teaching computer science/STEM?
Michael Oseguera: “The best piece of advice I received was to allow your students to see you as a life-long learner and admit when you don’t know something.  Although they will have questions that stump you, you can show them your commitment to education and honesty.  Never stop growing and learning with students. The field of computer science has so much potential for innovation and this requires constantly learning new technologies and skills.”
CSTA Greater Houston: Why should teachers join the CSTA Greater Houston network?
Michael Oseguera: “Teachers should join the CSTA Greater Houston network so that they can attend the fantastic professional development that is offered.  The online courses and face-to-face courses provide technical and pedagogical support to increase your effectiveness as a teacher. Meeting other CS teachers is tantamount to successfully growing your skill set as an educator and CSTA provides many opportunities for this type of networking.”
CSTA Greater Houston: Thank you for your time and contributions to teaching CS and STEM, Mr. Oseguera!