The Greater Houston Chapter of CSTA partners with educators and administrators across the area to educate, empower, and inspire K-12 teachers and advocates to realize the vision of computer science (CS) for all.
Tatiana Moore is a teacher at KIPP Sharpstown College Preparatory Charter School. She currently teaches Fundamentals of Computer Science and AP Computer Science Principles.   Ms. Moore also spent time at International Leadership of Texas Windmill Lakes-Orem High School teaching Intro to Audio/Visual Communications and Audio/Video Production 1/2. 
We caught up with Tatiana to hear about her experiences as a teacher working in CS, her perspective on education, and the importance of teaching CS in schools.
CSTA Greater Houston Teacher Spotlight Series: Tatiana Moore
CSTA Greater Houston: What inspired you to work in STEM/CS education?
Tatiana Moore: Receiving my degree in Communications and shortly after working as an Associate Producer at a new station, forced me into learning the functions of different apps and programs. I enjoyed starting with a clean slate and creating the things I envisioned. I honestly never thought I would teach Computer Science after working in and teaching Communications & Production; it made me a bit anxious. However, when learning about the color and gender disparities within Computer Science and the tech industry, I knew that it was imperative for me to teach and expose children who never thought about careers and hobbies in this field. I wanted them to be aware of opportunities and possibilities in Computer Science. I wanted them to know there are spaces in the tech world for them to grow and be successful.
CSTA Greater Houston: Do you have a student success story you'd like to share?
Tatiana Moore: Last year was the first time I taught Computer Science and it was also the first time my students had ever taken a Computer Science class. By the end of the year, I was able to get 21 of my top students together to make a virtual space where they showcased the Fine Arts classes they participated in.
CSTA Greater Houston: What advice would you give a teacher new to teaching Computer Science/STEM?
Tatiana Moore: Be open-minded and give yourself grace. This is a learning experience for you as well. Encourage your students, expose them to opportunities outside the classroom, and most importantly, don’t stifle their creativity.  When you allow them to include things about themselves and their personality, they tend to be more engaged and invested.
CSTA Greater Houston: Why should teachers join the CSTA Greater Houston network?
Tatiana Moore: I thought I wasn’t qualified to be a part of CSTA, but I quickly learned that it’s a space for comradery, networking, and building better classroom experiences for both students and educators.
CSTA Greater Houston: Thank you for your time and contributions to teaching CS and STEM, Ms. Moore.